Monday, 20 August 2012

I Get Completely Above Meself

Went mental about a week back - more than uzh - and self-published the first book I ever wrote.  I wrote it long-hand, in pencil in a lined notebook.  Everyone in the universe passed on it but I still like it.   Just thought I might blow me own trumpet:

Hmmm....can't seem to get the front page up: but just imagine you type in the title: Believe You Me by Tracey Henzell (my nom de plume de ma tante).  Then you see a picture of a bulls-eye type dog.
It's for Kindles, but you can get a free app for a pc and read it on that.  It only costs a few farthings, but what I really want, is reviews!  You don't even have to buy it, you can read the first couple of chapters for free on Amazon.

I think (ha! thank you, Babbage) that if you click on the link below, you will be magically linked to the land of the Amazonians and see the big Bulls-eye dog!

p.s.  I know I succumbed to vanity publishing, but it was free!!!


  1. Yes, very entertaining, fact really is sometimes stranger than fiction.

  2. I think I might get a Kindle just to read this. I know that if I load it onto the computer I will never read it, because reading on screen is a pain. Watch this space.

  3. Congrats on having the get up and go and getting your book published Carol. I hope it sells really well.

  4. Babbage! Ho ho. I haven't read it yet. Not an arsing minute to myself until now and I've just spent most of them writing the most arduous and possibly rubbish blog post ever ever. But I have started it and I love it. And I will write you a review. One day. Honest injun.