Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Just a quick note.  Was reading Northsider Dave's blog (excellent geezer who owns a little farm in Ireland) and when I posted a comment to him, the computer goes to me: 'Please prove that you're not a robot' - and then I have to type in two weird, wobbly words.  I tell you, for two pins, I would've typed in: 'How bloody dare you, Hal!' - cheeky bloody thing.

I type in the words 'Orvid Eldish'; I may re-name myself thus.


Orvid Eldish

p.s.  The awful Nita's kid, Norris, who had to go hearing specialist cos Nita thought he was deaf is now having to go a Educational Psychologist for the 'once over'.  I would feel sorry for poor Norris, if only he hadn't been one of the kids who threw that pebble at me.

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  1. Howdy Orvid Eldish, I mean Carol. Thanks for that!

    I've been reading about those town foxes that have been mooching round suburban gardens. There are supposed to be 10000 town foxes living in the London area. Who counts them? They are particularly fond of takeaways or rather the leftovers from them.

    I often see them foxes near us. Saw one recently carrying a dead rat. So they do help to get rid of vermin.

    I have heard that you can stop foxes coming into your garden by going to a zoo and asking them for some hmm - Elephant poo, (Remember Blue Peter?) and placing it your garden. Next night old Mr or Mrs (Edward?) Fox saunters along your garden path sees the Elephant present and thinks:

    "Yikes! Who did that?"

    Well that's the idea any road.