Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Ho! Vtz saga continues (a bit)

Latest from Mrs Labradoodle via Evie (upstairs from Vtz and Mrza) is that he never spent the money for a fruit and veg stall, but an entire shop!  So, obvi there was far more dough involved hence the flying visit from the Transylvanian brother.

Man Friday saw Mrza up at Tesco's today and she didn't look happy, not one bit!

And Melvis (who always seems to be hanging around the Magistrates Court, sort of a home away from home) said the brothers weren't on today's list for appearance before the judge.  I tell you, if he isn't up the bookies, he's up the Magistrates - in a different life he could've been an MP or a lawyer.

Oh yes, bit of bad news on the Fr. Piot front.  Some of his parishioners who are 'helping' him around the area took him on the tube, for a visit to Westminster Abbey.  I'm not a religious expert but I'm sure it's not a Catholic church.  Anyway, turns out he'd never been on a tube train before (when his scrap of paper said: '...I am from Lithuanian country...' it actually meant 'countryside') and when I looked the place up on Google it looks like a very horse and cart sort of place esp. in the countryside.  So, he was all nervous going there, the escalator nearly caused him a mischief, what with never having been on one and his long robes.

However, he got there and calmed down a bit but on the way back he had a panic attack and him and about 4 old girls (who meant well, bless him) were stuck on the tube going back and fore for ages cos Fr. Piot couldn't get up the nerve to get out of the carriage!  Luckily, someone had a paper bag from an old quarter of nut brittle and that seemed to calm him down and they got him back to the priesty house place and the housekeeper told them all off!!

Oh yes, I found fox poo in the garden today - I thought I saw the little bugger climbing over the fence the other night.  And there's me thinking: 'ah, so cute,' and then he does a shit in me garden, the ingrate.  So not only content with rusing stupid lying puppets and stupid uppity ducks, they're now picking on me.  Connie Brix is no help, probably inviting 'em over, just to get me...

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  1. Lithuania ("horse and cart sort of place") sounds brilliant Carol.