Saturday, 18 February 2012

Completly forgot to say...

There's this terrific newsletter that I subscribe to, called: 'Worldwide Words'. It comes as a weekly email, and it is fab. It's, basically, about words - their derivation and meaning(s). This wonderful geezer called Michael Quinion writes it and he's a proper etymologist and not just making it up (like me!).

It's totally free, it's mustard stuff and really funny, too. I've popped the link in, below.

And another thing! If anyone wants anything to read I can totally recommend 'The Last Days of the Transitional Objects Institute' by Andrea Levin. It's an unpublished novel and you'll find it up on It is abso fab; simply cannot understand why nobody has published it yet - must be potty.

Oh, and Annie popped up a link to some photos of Iranian ladies practising Ninja stuff. Apparently, this Ninjitsu stuff is really big with the ladies in Iran. They wear Ninja outfits (bit like their normal gear) and use swords and do all that terrific ninja stuff. But it had a touch of the old irony about it, for me. I dunno whether it really WAS ironic, cos I always have trouble with irony, the concept of. See, Annie tweeted to me: 'All these Iranian ladies being Ninjas! How cool is that?' and I wrote back: 'Well, THAT explains why you never see them on the streets - you just can't spot 'em.'

I know I was larking about - but there's something a bit weird going on there. I can't seem to think straightly about the business. Hmmm.

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