Saturday, 12 November 2011

Rocket Science

I forgot to tell you: I'm desperately trying to get me audio clips onto the PAGE called Audio Clips - makes sense don't it?

Can I work it out? Toof!  Like a monkey learning shorthand, thus far, mate.  Dear oh dear.  Any help gratefully accepted, nudge, nudge.

By the by.  I saw the unnecessarily thin man from the  Santeria Newsagents as I went down the shops - and his arm is in a cast!  Now, last time I heard about him, Melvis was going to 'have a word' with him about thin-Santeria-man's possible involvement in dobbing Melv into the polis.

So, of course, I saw old Melvis on my way back home.  He's ubitquitous, that bloke; I tell you, even if you pull a jersey over your head you wouldn't be surprised to see Melvis standing in front of you.  So, I told him that I'd seen skinny-Santeria-man.
'Looks like he's broken his arm,' I said.  Melvis put his hands on his hips, sucked his teeth and looked very put out, he said: 'I know, and I'm not happy about it, believe you me I'm not.'
I said: 'Oh dear, Melv, why's that then?'
And he said: 'It weren't bleeding me what broke it, that's what.'

So I asked if Melvis thought that skinny-Santeria had been the one to dob him in, and Melvis said no, he didn't think it was him after all.  So I said: 'So why'd you want to break his arm then?'
And Melvis thought about it and said: 'Oof! He's just got that look about him.' 

And when I asked 'what look', Melvis looked at me and shook his head, he said: 'Carol, you've gotta learn, in this life, that some people are just asking for a good slap.  Know what I mean?'

I said, yes.  It was easier.

Oh, and on a differs subject, we are getting another foster dog on Monday. 6mths old half Labrador half Rottweiler with no name: the nameless Rottador.  Depends on what he looks like but I fancy calling him Ronnie Cashbolt, after mum's old greengrocer.

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