Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Smoking in Casa

MF (who very, very rarely smokes) said: 'Carol, is it ok if I smoke in the house?'  I said: 'Course it is.  Where do you think I smoke?' (Like I'm going out in the jardin).  And he goes: 'Yeah, but I feel a bit bad.'  So I said: 'For crying out loud, whaddya think I do, secretly have a puff out the window and then spray fag-scented air freshner around the place?'

Come to think of it, I rather like the old 'fag-scented air-freshner' idea.  Could imagine myself surreptiously spraying it:

1. at church
2. on the tube
3. at my stop smoking group

However, that said, I might as well just smoke a fag and have done with it.

Swear: when I give up will use the fag-scented air-freshner to make myself feel at home.

What am I on about?  Note to self: never blog after glass of wine - nonsense ensues.

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