Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Sink Blockage! Not exactly 'Titanic Sinks' - actually, better...


Been going on a few weeks now: slower and slower emptying sinkage tempus.

Not a big problemo till this morgen when it was nada: bloody thing wouldn't empty at all, leaving huge oily, scum on top of w/up wasser.

Man Friday, bless, took the U-Bend off and had a butchers but nah, clean as a whistle.  But the ponk coming out the drainpipe that leads outside...cor, it could bring a Victorian around from the vapours, mate.  Dear, dear.

So, I rang the council and they're all sharp intake of breath and: 'yes, well, sounds nasty, oh dear, can't come out till Monday'.  And today is Wednesday.

So, we done the w/up in the bath and I tell you something: ceramic and crockery are not mates, same goes for glass.  We lost a small plate, a dish and a tumbler.

Then, me and old M.F. are like: 'bugger, what are we going to have for dinner that doesn't make any washing up?'

M.F. suggested we buy paper plates, which would, admittedly be a start but the main problemo is if we do any cooking we've got pots and pans and they're just bloody bound (knowing my luck) to crack the ceramic on the bath.  And then we've got blocked drains and a sodding cracked bath.

Thus, we came up with the cunning ploy of microwave dinners and take-out for next 5 days - huzzah!  Ner, ner, dee, ner, ner to me diet; I was bleeding starving anyhow.

We considered boxed salad from Marks and Sparks and sandwiches, but they just didn't have the same appeal as week-long take-away.  Heh heh.

Am thinking about writing an anti-diet book called: 'How to keep your trap shut in the presence of grub'; to which my answer will be: 'don't even bother'.

Good old blocked pipe work.  Saved me from bloody salad,

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