Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Prince Wallah and The Farts

Thought I'd share a few childhood memories.  Can't imagine why they've come back to me...ahem, ahem.

At primary, aged about 7, my mate Geedswood invented a game called Prince Wallah and the Farts; which, to this day, I cannot work out (for the life of me) why I went along with.

Me and about four other loyal amigos of Geedswood had to sit on a playground bench.  Our role was to be the slaves of Prince Wallah.  Of course, Geedswood played Prince Wallah.

She would stride over to us, say: 'Ha!  Who would dare cross the great Prince Wallah?' or some such.

And, as far as I can remember, if any of us laughed, she would say: 'Filthy infidel, you will pay dearly for your levity.'

And then (get this) she would pretend to fart on our faces, and, and...you couldn't move or you'd get more farts.  AND all the other slaves would be laughing their heads off.

The thing that gets me, is: I LOVED PLAYING PRINCE WALLAH!

Coming soon to (this) a blog near you: The Gas Man Calls and The Man With The Golden Gun (more childhood games of Geedswood's 'Mervyn Peake'-ishness invention).

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