Friday, 14 October 2011

Notes on an Orange Burial and Ben's Adventures in Home Brewing

Just a quickie.  A bloke I know has just had a book published.  He's called Greg Levin and he's a bit of a comic genius.  I laughed so hard reading his 'Notes on an Orange Burial' that I hurt me face and then got that terrible pain thingy behind one of me ears.  It is that good - fact.

Here's a link to some sort of site thingy where you can read/buy it:"
Oh.  And another good bloke I know just had a book published too!  Book's called 'Ben's Adventures in Wine-Making' (I think) and he's called Ben Hardy (am going to buy this, though I read loads of it already on-line).

It's non-fiction and about how he starting making his own wine and finally got good at it!  It is really, really funny esp. the anecdotes about his brewing disasters AND it's got loads of wine recipes/techniques.

Word to the wise: never bother with potato wine...

I remember my old mum straining a marrow full of sugar through a pair of old tights to make some sort of alcoholic concoction.  She bottled it and we tried it; cor, what a shocker.  Bleeding drain cleaner.

And one time she tried to make pea-pod wine.  Dear oh dear.  The smell in the house just wouldn't go; not being funny or that but it smelled like farts and it tasted like the smell of farts, if you know what I mean.  It was ridiculously alcoholic however and my uncle Vic (who had olfactory problems) drank so much he fell off the armchair in our front room, burst out laughing and said: 'There's something wrong with my legs.'

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  1. Carol - what can I say? Except that Pumpkin was just as bad as Potato, if not worse.