Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Miriam Margolyes vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Forgot to tell you.

Saw a film the other nacht that had Arnold in a full-on fisticuffs sketch mitt Miriam Margolyes!  Totally superb.  She nearly won as well.

I love old M.M.  She is the sort of woman you just know has a gun in her handbag.  Was reminded of her just now when I looked in salle de bain mirror.  Have taken to wearing black eye make-up again and what with me curly pube-head, I look like a (very slightly) younger M.M. gone gothic.

Must buzz orf now cos there is a Japanese horror remake on at 23:00 (hark at me, gone all Tom Clancy).  Thank goodness it's not one of those sub-title jobs.  I have to sit, practically, on top of teevers to read 'em.  A few weeks back, I set the timer to show a film, billed as: 'An all action engineering thriller.'  Turned out not to be 'engineering' but 'espionage'; not half so exciting at all - thought I'd winkled out a new genre.

'Quick, Horace - the widget's about to blow.'
'Save yourself, Felix.  I've only got enough WD-40 for one.  Run, run for your half-life.'

I would die naked on the floor to see an engineering thriller.  Sigh.

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