Monday, 19 September 2011

That Greek Bloke I was Telling You About...

MF now much better and 'oooh, aaah'-ing about the place and even up shops.  However, Chandra at the chemist told him that he really ought to start cutting down on the old post-operative codeines.  Which is a bit of a blow as he is very fond of 'em now and no surprise as Chandra reckons they are basically the Rowntree Mackintosh version of Heroin.  Who knew?

Thinking about it tho' - a mate of my mum's never shook the kaoline and morphine bottle and used a straw to suck the morphine out: said it did her the power of good.  I suppose it really, really was morphine; I thought they just 'said' it in the old days.  Remember having a sip myself - bloody marvellous.

Oh yes.  That lovely Greek bloke is called Harris, according to MF (who saw him today).

I think he must really be 'Aris' as in Aristotle.  Not a name you hear much of round Nag's Head; aris generally used in sentences concerning: 'a kick up the 'aris''.  Small wonder he goes by Harris.  Lovely bloke though.

Just in case: Aristotle = bottle; bottle and glass = arse.

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