Monday, 5 September 2011

Santeria Newsagents #2


Melvis upstairs informs me that the Santeria newsagents are not Santeria - at all.  He reckons they are trying to keep people from coming into their shop because the shop is a front for some form of dodgy dealing.

AND, he says that the Obiah man is not an Obiah man but the look-out bloke.  AND he isn't from Trinidad (like Miss Gladiola thought) but from Hackney.

I said to Melvis: 'Come on though, whatever he isn't, he's certainly a bit potty.'  And Melvis tapped the side of his nose and said: 'Nah, he's just sly.'  And I said: 'How do you know?' And he said: 'He still owes me a fiver from 1976.'

Will discuss matters with Miss Gladiola next time I see her; she was the one who convinced me they were Santeria.  Oh, and Greek bloke too: will have a word with him about it.  Dunno whether he told Miss Gladiola or he told her.

Note to self: must find out Greek bloke's name poss. ask Miss G.

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