Monday, 19 September 2011

My sister don't half make stuff up...

Ro goes to me that The Phoenecians (some ancient blokes who lived in The Lebananon) worshipped lettuce.  She said she saw it on the BBC.  Don't believe a word of it.  And why is it called 'The' Lebanon? (you know, instead of just Lebanon).  Is there something else (i.e. not a country) called 'a' Lebanon?  Or was there some other country trying to nick their name?  A bit odd.

Oh.  Saw Brizio this morgen.  I was taking out a completely sealed and parcel taped bag of Connie Brix Di-ha-hee-ho-har out to the big bins (never ever giving that dog Jerk chicken skin again) and as I was about to lob it in the big bin, Brizio turns up and says: 'oh my god what a smell is the dog still alive?' I said yes and sorry, sorry

hang on, will finish later - lying sister is on Alexander Graham.

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