Tuesday, 20 September 2011

My sister don't half make stuff up - Part Two

Anyway, as I was saying:

Britzy insisted on lobbing the bag in the bin for me in case: 'You are weak today and the bin is large.  If the bag of doggy mess flies back and hits you in the face, neither of us will be laughing.'  Fair enough and very decent of him.

Then he said: 'Wait, wait,' dived in his satchel and brought out a big bottle of Gucci Homme - which he sprayed all over me and even sprayed some into the bin: 'for good luck'.

Then bloody Sigaret Opellederen walks past and gives us and terrible look, like we were a time-lapse cheese with mould on it.  He crinkled up his 'so called' face, gave a sneeze and said: 'My allergies' and carried on walking past.

Britzy took it as a personal insult,  He called after him: 'Why don't you ring the council?'  And Opellederen pretended he didn't hear.  So Brizio came back inside with me and ran up to Opellederen's floor and sprayed the whole section with Gucci.  He came running down, said: 'Ha!' and then went off to work.

I think Sigaret Opellederen has got one of those personality disorders - of the 'bleeding awful' variety.


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