Sunday, 18 September 2011

I didn't know that Raymond Burr was one tells me anything

Hmmm.  Stuck in casa for the duration owing to old war wound flare up.  Honestly.  I wouldn’t be me if I paid myself.  Still gives me plenty of time to catch up on internet shopping channel.

Saw one this morgen about ‘Theee the most comfortable pillow ev-er!’.  Well, it looked like a bit of old moulded foam rubber to me – but what do I know?

Some bloke came on and said that it really was the best pillow ever cos on the other pillows he’d ever used: ‘I always woke up with numbness in my fingers, pain in my shoulders and down my side’.  Which makes you wonder what sort of bleeding pillows he’d had in the past?  What were they made of?  Pre-cast concrete?  And what sort of shape would they have to be?  I could only imagine he’d gone, mistakenly (if you ask me) for a dodecahedron.  And I’m not being funny but if you pick anything other than a rectangle you’re asking for trouble.

Woke up in nacht, turned on teevers to lull me back and guess what was on?  Yup, Perry Mason!  Huzzah!  I love old Perry, he really is my ‘real’ uncle.  If only you could chose your own relatives.  Jessica Fletcher would be my ‘real’ aunt, for a start.  Although, I remember war-wounding it for a few months about ten years back and ‘Murder She Wrote’ was on every afternoon at 2pm (my nap time); and do recall, before I fell asleep, that I was a bit jealous of a 75 year old bounding up the stairs and riding a bicycle (oh and solving murders).  Lucky I got better and she turned into the singing teapot in Beauty and the Beast, or I might have held it against her.

Oh.  Weird thing.  Heard via internet that Legs LaViola had been called an anti-semite and was a bit livid about the whole business considering that she is jewish herself.  I looked into it and it turned out that her art gallery is near a jewish school and she had some paintings  of nudes in the window and the jewish headmistress said it was very rude (or something) and that her passing pupils could see the pictures.  And Legs said, well they don’t have to look do they?  And for some reason, some jewish people thought that ‘they’ referred to jews in general and this (somehow) made her an anti-semite.  Don’t ask me.

So there was some argy-bargy in some spot in NY called Lower Eastside and the police were called and she had to put brown paper against her gallery windows up to the height of the passing (peeping tom) kids.

Then there were some mean posts on the internet about poor Legs so I put one up myself saying that if anti-semitism meant NOT putting fig-leaves on nudes then there was obviously trouble in the history department.

Perhaps Amercian head mistresses don’t see naked bodies very much.  Although this begs the question, where do they look when in the bath?

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