Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Booze is good for you!

Now it's official; I read it on front cover of Daily Mail.  It read: 'Women should drink 2 glasses of wine per day to avoid illness'.

Which illness, I dunno; but taken all in all, illness of whatever form is to be avoided.

Only five years back or so, 'it' (some government thing) said that women shouldn't drink more than 1 glass per day and have one day off booze completely per week.  Now, 'someone' has changed their mind by precisely 100%.  I so knew it.

However, bad news for MF after pancreatitis.  Didn't tell him what the paper said, would only upset him.  He now has officially declared that he believes Lemme to be the anti-christ, as the man drinks a bottle of Jack Daniel's per day and has never had pancreatitis, oh and is still perfectly (sort of) alive.

By the by: have noticed that mucho adverts on teevers are now saying: 'Get so and so for £10 a day' or some such; not 'per' but 'a'.  I knew it was a mistake to stop mandatory Latin in schools; now how will anyone get the 'Romani ite domus' joke in Life of Brian.

The world!

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