Friday, 12 August 2011

Pumice Stones

Nicked what I thought was a pumice stone from my sister; it was in the shape of a foot.  It had been part of a gift set from her old husband that she had never used and had simply bunged in her 'just suppose all the chemists in the world suddenly up and disappear' cabinet.  She has millions of: shampoos, face creams, depilatory products, sun screens, skin masks, hair conditioners, soaps, emery boards, serum things, anti-ageing stuff etc etc.

So I pinched a 'pumice'.

Got it home and unwrapped it and blow me if it never snapped in two: just like that giant broken foot in the British Museum.

Turns out it is was a bath cube - in the shape of a foot?  What scent was it meant to have?  Mixed messages, mixed messages.

So, the broken foot/bath cube is now on my shelf: a microcosm of the fall of Rome.

Back to the point: why are pumice stones so impossible to get hold of these days?

Will no doubt require a trip to Pompeii.

My sister recommends sandpaper for feet.  Might try it out later.

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