Friday, 5 August 2011

It so wasn't me...

Standing at the traffic lights, waiting to cross Holloway Road.  Millions of kids and parents out and about cos of Holbeins.

Had just got me shopping, so sholley was full up.  Whilst waiting for little bloke to go green, I reach inside old shols and got out half a sandwich and took a bite.  Yeah, yeah, know you shouldn't really eat in the street but in defence, I had run out of bananas this morgen.

So, anyway, I take a sneaky bite and this lady standing near to me (who was eating an ice lolly) smiled at me (prob cos of mayonnaise down me chin).  So I smiled back and she lost concentration and a small bit of ice off her lolly landed on her small boy's head.

He looked up his and mum and, get this, the lady goes to the kid: 'It was that lady made me laugh' - like it was my fault.

So then the little kid gives me a right withering look.  I said 'sorry' (for some unknown 'primaeval brain' reason) and the lady goes to me: 'Ah, he's all right, needs a bath anyway.'

And the kid goes: 'No I don't,' to his mum and then looks at me like it's my fault, again.  Hardly my fault he was so grubby AND I never dropped the ice lolly on his head.

p.s. is it me, or has the Queen shrunk considerably?

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