Wednesday, 24 August 2011

I am rubbish

Thinking about that title I reckon it was the working title for 'I am Legend' (that Will Smith film with the dog and the angry zombies); cos the whole kit and kaboodle was Will Smith's fault in the first place.  But you can't call a film 'I am rubbish'.  Well, you could.  I suppose.  Actually, I reckon I'd go and see it, sounds like a laugh.

No, 'I am rubbish' refers to meself not writing for a while, reason being cos Man Friday is in hospedale (Whittington) with acute pancreatitis.  Thus, I have been on 'you are so going back to the shop' dog-duty.

Cos it's the kids' summer holbeins, there's a couple of poor little sods stuck high up on the estate and the highlight of their day is leaning out the window and saying hello to Connie.  That dog doesn't stop talking and barking and going 'rooooo' all day.

I'm in out shake it all about with 'Connie!' and 'Enough now' and 'You are going dogs' home mate'; added to fooling the dog in the house with sardine and tomato paste - that was meant to be mine, that was.

So, will be back on top of things when MF returns, hopefully in a few days.

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