Friday, 29 July 2011

Another Day Up Nag's Head...

Was in the check-out queue at Morrisons today.  Three rough herberts were all playing on the pretend aeroplane thingy.  What a sketch.
'No, you gerrof.'
'Mum! Mum!'

One pushes another off: 'Aaaaah!'.  Having landed on the floor, RH#1 starts pulling at RH#2's leg, trying to pull him off.  Then RH#3 grabs a handful of RH#1's hair and starts pulling it.

Me and the check-out lady were giving each other looks in re. the RHs; looks that indicated that we both held with capital punishment.

Suddenly, an angry woman comes storming up to the aeroplane thingy and starts giving them, all three, a good whack round the bounce.  Her words were:
'I never stuck a quid in this bloody thing for the sake of my health,' and she dragged 'em off, all blubbing.

Me and the check-out lady had a good laugh.  I said: 'I shouldn't laugh, I was a kid myself once.'  And she said: 'Bet you weren't a kid like that, you'd never have lasted so long.'

I like being a grown-up.